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This trial allows employers to experience first-hand how the high engagement healthy eating program increases purchases of healthy foods including fresh produce. Qualified requests will receive a trial card to experience the fresh produce discounts and savings on a variety of healthy staples.

"It has helped me maintain clean eating at an affordable price and I have lost 35 pounds in 2017!"

Melissa E. - Member since 2017

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"Healthy Savings saves you money while encouraging eating fresh fruit and vegetables!"


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With Healthy Savings, employee engagement is off the charts! This program receives up to 10x higher engagement than other workplace health and wellness programs.

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Users have already saved over $2.5 million on healthier foods at local grocery stores to better improve their health.

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Healthy Savings is skyrocketing! Users of the program purchase 70% more produce with Healthy Savings!

Request a Trial Card Today!

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